Santa Barbara Food & Wine Weekend

Bliss out on bites at Bacara Resort & Spa while paying tribute to the legacy of Julia Child.

WHEN YOU THINK OF SANTA BARBARA, and of excellent supping, and of those chefs who've perfected a zingy approach to both their art and outlook, a certain superstar most certainly springs to mind, instantly: Julia Child. Beyond beloved, and beyond emulated, and beyond beyond, the titan of 20th-century cooking called the red-roof'd paradise home prior to her 2004 passing, and had some well-known local go-tos outside of her kitchen (La Super-Rica Taqueria is often cited as being favorite of the chef during her Montecito sojourn). There are many delicious and devotional ways to remember the life, times, adventures, and zingy approach to all things food that Ms. Child so deftly mastered, but one of the most delectable, and Santa-Barbara-y, takes place at Bacara Resort & Spa each year. It's the Santa Barbara Food & Wine Weekend, "...the only culinary event in the world sanctioned by the Julia Child Foundation." The flavorful fourth annual outing is coming up, over the second weekend of April 2017, so take a peek at the schedule, which includes an appearance by...

ALEX PRUD'HOMME, the great-nephew of Ms. Child. Mr. Prud'homme will be Q&Aing about his new book "The French Chef in America: Julia Child's Second Act." A screening of 2009's "Julie and Julia" will also take place during the April 7 through 9 gourmand gathering — the film is free to see — and a Neighborhood Market Tour & Tasting in the Bacara courtyard will capture that chatty, get-acquainted spirit Ms. Child so readily exemplified (a ticket is $50). There are a few spicy, sippable doings throughout the three days, including a swanky Grand Dinner, and you can alight upon what you'd like to do in an a la carte fashion, rather than booking the whole fell swoop (though you can do that as well, if you're game). That a la carte vibe suits the memory of the colorful cook well, as one always got the sense that Ms. Child was quite warm and understanding about a person devouring just those dishes that particularly appeal. The same goes for the Santa Barbara Food & Wine Weekend at bluff-breezy Bacara; do what you like, taste what you will, meet fellow food fans, and raise a glass to a gourmet, grand-eating festival.

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