Saracina Vineyards: Caroling in the Caves

Quaff a quality vino while enjoying seasonal songs in an acoustic-cool setting.

Saracina Vineyards

IF FESTIVE MUSIC IS YOUR THING, and you're a fan of any song that starts with a "tra" or a "la," and you're playing ditties about snowmen and candy canes at the exact minute that Halloween wraps at midnight, then you're probably kind of a carol aficionado. Okay, more than "kind of": You adore cheerful songs hung with tinsel and holly, and you enjoy them however and whenever you hear them. You might be strolling by a shop and catch a fragment or you could hear the hum of a seasonal ballad from some distant radio. But one of the most unusual places to experience the singing of Christmas carols has to be in a cave. That can be a mite hard to orchestrate, for when we picture caves we're apt to understandably imagine damp places where stalactites rule. Wine caves, though, aren't damp (except what's inside the bottles inside the cave) and they don't have stalactites, only barrel after barrel of delicious, ripening, time-deepening vino. To experience Caroling in the Caves consider a Dec. 4 visit to...

SARACINA VINEYARDS... in Hopland, which stages an annual afternoon devoted to sipping and season-lovely pleasures. Songs of the season performed in the acoustically awesome wine cave are a highlight, as is the hayride that follows. And will you get to taste some of the Hopland destination's delightful libations? That's part of your thirty dollar ticket (and, yes, "wintertime treats" will be on hand to address your post-hayride appetite). Think you're ready to experience a Christmas song in an offbeat setting? Beyond your car or kitchen? A wine cave qualifies. For info and ticket buying, visit the Saracina site now.

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