Sausalito Art Festival: 260+ Artists

It's the 65th year of the esteemed gathering, and over 30,000 art lovers are expected.

FINDING THAT PERFECT PAINTING... for the den? Or arriving at an art festival with the hope that surprise is in store, and that you might come across just the quirky creation you didn't know ahead of time would be there? There are many excellent ways to approach a large-of-scale, plentiful-of-artist art festival, and each has its most admirable merits. Even arriving at the scene with nothing much in mind except the enjoyment of beauty is kind of capital, too. But however you like to work your way into a happily sprawling, multi-booth'd bash, best line-up your game plan now, for one of the titans of the art festival calendar is coming up over Labor Day Weekend. That's a major hint, if you know your paintings-and-more parties, for sure. And, for sure, it is the...

SAUSALITO ART FESTIVAL... we're talking about here, a happening so venerable and esteemed that it boasts a bevy of big numbers. The number of years it can claim as of 2017? It is heading into its 65th anniversary. The number of artists expected to show? Over 260 will be there with their sculptures and textiles and photographs and paintings in tow. And how many attendees will show for the Saturday, Sept. 2 through Monday, Sept. 4 party? If you guessed "around 30,000," you're absolutely in the right neck o' the woods. Live bands are also a part of the summer-sender-offer, with Tainted Love (80s covers) and The Purple Ones (a Prince tribute act) taking the stage along with way, along with many other musicians. Brews, wines, and delicious eats, too, are folded into the festival, so count on cuisine-ing it up while you're there.

AS FOR WHERE TO GO? You know the place: the waterfront. It's a sublime Sausalito festivity, a true September starter, and even if you're not seeking a new painting for the den, or a delightful surprise, just showing to soak it all in is an ideal way into this long-running, arts-loving lark.

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