Savor BBQ Month in the Santa Maria Valley

May honors the savory meats, and few regions are as synonymous with the flavorful form.

IF IT'S APRIL 1ST? Why, any bread buff knows that's National Sourdough Day. And if you're super-committed to the tangy bread, and dedicated to those bakers who've perfected it, you're going to probably be in San Francisco on that day, at your favorite breaderie. If it's September? That's Shake Month, which means that you'll probably be doing dessert in the desert at some point, if you're a true date shaker. And National BBQ Month? You know when it is, carne-seekers:

IT'S MAY: And may you always have an affinity for the most prominent barbecue style in the state, the one that has flourished in a wine-rich area for decades. It's the Santa Maria Valley we speak of, of course, and of course you know what sets the barbecue apart here. It's the slow-roasting, over red oak, a way of cooking the meat has its hearty roots in the 1800s, as post-roundup vaquero fare. It's a fare that's...

STILL SAVORED TODAY, at lauded restaurants around the valley, and finding your way to one, or two, or a few during May is quite the memorable and meat-themed route to fully acknowledging the theme of the month. The history-laden Hitching Post in Casmalia still goes with a red oak vibe, while Rancho Nipomo incorporates both classic BBQ and Cal-Mex on its menu. The Swiss, which offers classic "Off The Red Oak Pit," has been a Santa Maria staple since 1941, while Jocko's Steakhouse in Nipomo will celebrate its first 100 years in less than a decade. For tips on following your own barbecue trail while in the valley, visit the Santa Maria Valley online HQ now.

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