Savor Sonoma Valley: Mid-March Merriment

The emphasis in 2017 is very much on the goodness inside the barrels.

Savor Sonoma Valley

A WINE WEEKEND... can wear many scarves and hats, depending on the region, the time of year, the vineyards involved, and what the general mood happens to be. There can be a focus on the fine arts, with exhibits serving as focal points, in addition to the sips. The weekend can be built around bites, in addition to sips, and an adventurer can spend more time nibbling than quaffing. And then, on a rare and lovely occasion, there is the barrel-specific, let's-love-upon-wine focus, which is just the tack that Savor Sonoma Valley is taking in 2017. The caboodle of wineries involved — "caboodle" equals 17, in this case — are going to be all about "...showcasing the 2016 vintage from barrels, sampling new releases..." in addition to other convivial to-dos. In short? It's very much about the barrels on Saturday, March 18 and Sunday, March 19. You're right, that is...

THE FINAL WEEKEND OF WINTER, making this merriment a particularly timely send-off to cooler shorter days. You can jump into the sip-filled send-off at a number of landmark wineries around Kenwood and Glen Ellen, including Manzanita Creek, St. Anne's Crossing Winery, and Deerfield Ranch Winery. The cost? It's $65 for a weekend pass, and your designated driver pays nothing at all, nada, zip. What you'll get, besides the pleasure of being out and about in spectacular SoCo? A peek at "...what the 2016 vintage is going to be like in the bottle!" Consider the weekend to be a little prognosticating, a bit of future-telling, with a grape-gourmand twist.

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