Savor Sonoma Valley: Springtime Sips

Bid farewell to wintertime while calling upon your favorite Glen Ellen and Kenwood wineries.

SENDING WINTER OUT THE DOOR... can be as simple as scrubbing the windows and shutters or doing a full-scale deep cleaning. Other people might bring a few flowery plants into the house, or stow the cookie sheets and heavy soup pots, or change out the ultra-thick duvet for a lighter coverlet. The rituals that bridge the chilliest stretch with the seasonal of renewal are plentiful and fascinating, but they very often center around our domestic lives.

STILL, THOUGH, there are beyond-the-home ways to leap from the colder time of the year to the time of new growth, from visits to public gardens to days spent at places where new growth is very much at the heart of what's happening: a vineyard. And it so happens that one of Sonoma Valley's most verdant events occurs right when wintertime is grabbing its hat and making for the door: Savor Sonoma Valley. It happens on the weekend that sits juuuust at the passageway between two seasons, meaning you can send winter off, and welcome spring, with your favorite sip.

MARCH 18 AND 19... are the 2017 dates, and you're 100% right if you just said that the 20th just happens to be the first day of spring. Nineteen wineries around Glen Ellen and Kenwood are on board for this auspicious weekend, with Orpheus Wines, St. Anne's Crossing Winery, and Loxton Cellars all on the participant list. An in-advance weekend pass? You'll pay $65, and your designated driver is free. Ponder calling upon vineyards, with all of their leafy, just-sprouted green, as a different way to welcome springtime, one that goes beyond our dearly cleaved-to domestic must-dos.

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