Scottish Games & Celtic Festival

Scottish Games

YOUR FIRST THING: When perusing a Scottish gathering festival, what are the first words you look for? We're assuming here you scan the site or brochure for your favorite stuff, like we all do. Forgive us if you don't, but us? We look for "caber toss." Once we know that some mondo athletics will be going down, we're always on board. But very close behind the caber-tossery are the sheep dogs; we want to see them herding and huffing and doing the amazing, eagle-eyed things they do (or maybe "sheep dog-eyed" is more appropriate here). The Monterey Scottish Games & Celtic Festival has both of these bases covered, and a whole lot more bases, too.

MARKETPLACE AND MUSIC: There'll be shopping to do at the party, and bagpipe-listening, too. The dates are Saturday, Aug. 6 and Sunday, Aug. 7, and you'll want to check the schedule to make sure the stuff you want to see is on the day you'll be there (we're all happy to read that the sheep dogs'll be showing off their prowess on both weekend days). A one-day admission is $15.

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