Sequoia Fundraiser: Food Truck Festival

Wend your way to Visalia on the last Saturday of summer.

SUPPORTING OUR WILD SPACES... can happen in myriad ways, from volunteer efforts (clean-up days, tree-planting efforts, path/facility fixes) to events that encompass concerts or plays or festivals. But add some food trucks to the fundraising mojo, and schedule it for the last Saturday of summer, and you have a way to lend some love to a beautiful place all while getting your lunch in on a (fingers crossed) fine weekend afternoon. The Sequoia Parks Conservancy is doing just that, on Saturday, Sept. 17, when the organization's Find Adventure Food Truck Fest spreads out and gets grilling/baking/chilling, all to "benefit programs and projects in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks." But you won't need to drive up to the General Sherman or General Grant trees to be a part of the good-of-heart party; you only need to make for...

VISALIA, which is the center of the benefit-nice action. A quintet of live music performances, a bevy of food trucks, a beer garden from the Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company, and a booth from the National Park Service will be on the snack-and-raise-funds scene. You will be at a park — Mooney Grove Park, in Visalia — and not at a national park. But if you want to call upon some of the world's largest living organisms, too, during your Visalia visit, the General Sherman is just over 90 minutes up, up, up the mountain. You might let this giant of a tree, and all of its many famous tower-tall neighbors, know that you just called upon a food truck fest meant to help out the sequoias in various ways (we're not sure the colossal wonders speak our language, but surely telling them might be a polite thing to do). Perhaps you'll need to explain what a "food truck fest" is to the trees, first, before explaining all of the sequoia-sweet programs and projects it supports.

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