Several Stay-Over Packages Sparkling at Mission Inn

The Festival of Lights is on its way, and the Riverside hotel has ways to stay.

WHEN THE HOLIDAYS... are around the corner, or even nearer than the nearest corner, and you know that a particular party or festival or seasonal occasion will occur at or near a major hotel, well... You get to plotting, in the happest sense. There are reservations to be made, and schedules to be checked, and you just know that rooms will fill up with other seekers of festive sights. So booking that stay becomes something of a tick, tock, tick, tock task, and perusing any packages relating to the holiday on the hotel's web site. It's a rare day to come across an inn that boasts several holiday-themed packages, but, then again, there aren't many hotels in the world like the Mission Inn Resort & Spa. Scratch that: Make that no hotels, for the Riverside landmark is as castle-y as grand structures come and as covered with lights, come the Christmas season, as a building possibly can be, or just about. For the annual...

FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS... finds the handsome, block-filling building awash in millions of twinkles and shimmers, thanks to the millions of bulbs lending glow to the glorious scene. And while visitors do come to see it, then depart for home or another place to sleep, the Mission Inn boasts multiple holiday packages. Truly? Picking the package you go with all depends on what you'd like to do and/or enjoy at the hotel during your stay. There's the...

CASTLE COUNTDOWN CELEBRATION... package, themed to New Year's Eve, as well as the New Year's Resolution and Ring Inn the New Year. The Winter Wonderland, Casey's Christmas Cheer, Sugar Plum Fairy Suite, Sleigh Bells Ring, and Holiday History have a more yuletide flavor, with each package offering something a bit different, whether that's more of a historical angle or a special treat.

TO PONDER... all of the merry fun threading through the Mission Inn's seasonal stay-overs, hitch up your sleigh and ride it in the direction of this page at once, for the Festival of Lights is just about a month out. The exact date? You only need look to the day after Thanksgiving, each and every year, for the ceremonial and much-anticipated flipping of the switch.

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