Sharky Screen Time, from Monterey Bay Aquarium

Is the scalloped hammerhead your go-to gill-rocking superstar? There's wallpaper made for you.

WHEN "SHARK WEEK" ENDS, the shark-following fan can grow a bit blue. True, shark week is still on in the ocean, where every week is shark week, and other shark-tastic events, like real-world sightings and screen-based fictions ("JAWS," the "Sharknado" series), continue to swim before our wondering eyes. And if you feel the need to continue all that the sharkiest time of year delivers, you can, by visiting an aquarium, such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is home to several amazing sharks. Where to see such sleek swimmers gliding just below the water's surface? At the Monterey Bay Habitats, which features such beauties as the sevengill shark and the leopard shark. And, you bet, there's a Shark Live Web Cam, too, if you can't be at the Cannery Row destination. But lookie here: There's a...

SCALLOPED HAMMERHEAD SHARK... featured on the August 2018 Monterey Bay Aquarium wallpaper, which only ups the sharkiness of summertime. This is a free wallpaper, one offered by the aquarium each month, and the August critter is sharkily spectacular. (True, some may quibble that "sharkily" is not an actual word, but if you've seen a shark swim, eat, or interact with other sharks, you've probably said "sharkily," too, to describe the fish's actions.) Adding to the scalloped hammerhead excitement? A message on the MBA site reveals that a third scalloped hammerhead shark has joined the aquarium's famous Open Sea exhibit. Way cool. Download your free wallpaper, check out the Shark Cam, and, if possible, make your way to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for some time at Open Sea, one of our state's great places.

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