Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest: Tickets on Sale

The Chico brewery's popular fall shindig will soon oompah again.

CHICKEN DANCE AT THE HEIGHT OF SUMMER? Of course you can. Who would dare stop you engaging in such a delightful performance? Likewise, you're free to hold as many full steins as you like, practicing your skills there, and as for shaking it to oompah music while wearing your lucky lederhosen? Fire up the hi-fi and raise a knee. You can schnitzel and sauerkraut, too, in summertime, and finding suds isn't too hard, regardless of what the calendar might say. But, it is true, that the hallmarks and touchstones of Oktoberfest traditionally are seen, well, at Oktoberfest, with fans forgoing those chicken dances and stein-holding competitions during the other months, even the months leading up to fall, when excitement is beginning to build. And that thrill is heating up, as of August, for tickets just went on sale for the famous...

SIERRA NEVADA OKTOBERFEST, the one in Chico, the one that's been around for eight years and features a line-up of premium foams and fun-timing to-dos. Tickets were made available to the public on Tuesday, Aug. 8, and dates are already going, so if you'd like to jig your way into a spot on Friday, Sept. 29 or Friday, Oct. 6, best do so. You'll want to book a nearby stay-over, too, and line up your rides, before raising a festbier or two (and, of course, joining in during the traditional falltime, Oktoberfesty crowd-pleasers). Oktoberfests'll certainly start filling the schedule, up and down the Golden State, in the weeks ahead, but the Sierra Nevada celebration? It's as big as a big stein and as rollicking as a Chicken Dance professional who has practiced all year long.

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