Silverado Celebration: Pink Wine for a Pink Moon

Quaff rosé under the stars (and eat great gourmet vittles, too).

CUISINE ACCORDING TO THE COSMOS: For all of the books and web sites and shows and blogs that recommend various tricks and tips for planning a meal -- spend a week making only those dishes and drinks that begin with T, eat according to texture, only dine from the middle shelf of the pantry and refrigerator -- there's a simpler, more timeless way to approach the table: the universe. Clearly we have the cosmos to guide us when it comes to cuisine. We can make our meals according to the phase of the moon (cheese will probably be a prominent theme) or whether asteroids or meteors are in the news (we're picturing a more fiery dish or perhaps fondue) or whether water has been found on a hunk of rock near Jupiter (making a cocktail called "Jupiter Water" is obviously the way to go). Silverado Resort and Spa is taking a cue from the cosmos, and the Napa Valley wine favorite isn't looking too far. Yep, Silverado has taken our silvery satellite as inspiration for its next special supper on Saturday, April 4, though the moon will not be too silvery, at least in spirit , that night. That's the Pink Moon, and Silverado will celebrate it with an outdoor wine-and-apps night centered around rosé.

PINK WINE... is very much the beverage of the night, so enjoy its soft hue by the soft moonlight as you toast your friends, the people putting on the dinner, or the moon itself. The Terrace is the setting and rosé vintages will be in the glasses. Appetizers, not full entrees, will bring up the bites-worthy end of the evening, so look for swanky snacks that are described by the resort as being "over the moon." A glass of Domaine Carneros Brut Rosé is ten dollars and the moon-jumping snacks? They're gratis, in the way that enjoying the moon, whatever hue it is, is also free. How very poetic, Silverado.

QUESTION, THOUGH: Does the Pink Moon make things on earth pinkier? Sadly not; the name pays homage to spring blooms. So best wear something pink, to up the spring-sweet hue's presence. 

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