Sipping the Best of Suisun Valley

The wine region introduces Uncorked, a tasty new food and vino party.


A TASTY QUESTION: There are several answers to what we're about to ask, so please don't feel the "I'm being tested" pressure (never a fun pressure, regardless of how many tests one has taken in their life). Here goes: How do you get to know a new wine region, if you happen to rather like wine but don't know where to start? Common ways include hopping on a local tour, if tours are available. Maybe you'll get a suggestion from a pal about the perfect winery and tasting room. You could just happenstance it and drive through, hoping you land at a place that exemplifies the entire area. Or, and this is probably our favorite introduction, you could say your how-do-you-do during a wine event, when all the vineyards and restaurants are putting out their "pleasing potential new patrons" best. This last option is a good one, because you do get a vibe in one fell swoop, but big wine events and weekends don't come around too often. There's a new one just ahead, though, for the Suisun Valley. Haven't sipped around the Suisun yet? Then give Uncorked a look.

DATE AND DETAILS: The brand-new Suisun sip-and-sup to-do happens over one night, not a weekend, we should mention: Saturday, June 22. (Show on Sunday, June 23 and you'll likely find some open tasting rooms, but not the party.) Il Fiorello Olive Oil Company will be the place -- this isn't a drive-around thing -- and guests will be able to sip around the valley while staying nicely seated. Consider it your chance to get a bird's-eye view of all the valley's varietals (or a hot-air balloon's view, if you want to make it more wine-country specific). King Andrews Vineyards, Koch Wine, and Sunset Cellars will all make showings.

A ticket? That's fifty bucks.

Can't make Uncorked? You can still do that wine tasting-touring-traveling thing around the Fairfield-close environs.

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