SLO Wineries Prepare to ‘Roll Out the Barrels'

The summer-starter of a sip spectacular returns to the Mission and surrounding wine country.

WINE FESTIVALS... come in every shape, stripe, and vintage, but the majority share one thing in common: They start, and finish, in the same location. That's fabulous, and no eyebrows shall be cocked at this fact, for having all of the labels you want to get acquainted within one nicely saunterable area is as sweet as a pink-perfect rosé. But when a wine party stretches out over three days, and they happen to be some of the very longest days of the year, well... A vinophile can feel more than a little summery, a bit roam-curious, and very footloose and fancy-free. Such is the great case with Roll Out the Barrels, the yearly let's-start-summer experience from SLO Wine Country. And while there are several locations for this party, it just so happens that SLO, as in the city of San Luis Obispo, is the central star for evening one, which will take place on the absolutely longest day of the year, June 21, 2018. Which means that you'll be standing at...

MISSION SAN LUIS OBISPO DE TOLOSA, a very glorious place to stand and do just about anything, but on the summer solstice, during the twilight hours, well... there's some extra magic on the breeze. You won't just be milling about, though; you'll be noshing upon artful bites created by local chefs while also trying tastes from over 50 area wineries. The first evening event is called Barrels on the Plaza, and, yes, it takes place in the heart of SLO. Days two and three are all about getting out into SLO Wine Country, with a special passport that invites holders to try wines at a quartet of stops each day (with those days being June 22 and 23). The cost for Roll Out the Barrels, your heart-of-SLO, sunset-mission-perfect taste-around, with small bites? It's $60. The cost for your Passport to SLO Wine Country, which, as mentioned, gives you a tasting room experience at four wineries each day, totalling eight over both days? It's $75, while your designated driver's ticket is $20.

AS BEFITS... a long-running, multi-place, Central-Coasy-y soirée of stature, there are lodging deals, early bird deals through the end of May, and, once you're there, several pop-up happenings swirling through the fun. It's year 28 for Roll Out the Barrels, one of California's greatest SLO rolls into the start of summertime.

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