Solvang Stomp Returns to Crush It

Best limber up your tootsies for the village's annual grape stomp on the horizon

AUTUMN-ICONIC ACTIONS... can run the gamut, and we're not just talking about the movement of a colorful leaf falling to the sidewalk below. Come fall, many of us find ourselves performing a variety of season-specific tasks, from reaching over our heads to pick a ripe apple, to holding out a plastic pumpkin in order to receive a handful of miniature candy bars, to twirling around in a magician's cape, the one that we hope to wear to a big costume party. But one action that truly belongs to autumn alone? It's stomping, as in the stomping of small, orb-sweet fruits, the kind of fruits that eventually lead to the making of wine. You're not going to find much in the grape-stomping arena in the winter or spring, but as fall heats up — or cools down, rather — you can count on the occasional stomp showing up in quaint wine country towns. Such as...

SOLVANG, which is now home to the Solvang Stomp. Indeed, this involves you crushing grapes below your feet in the Santa Ynez Valley hamlet, but there are other happenings at this three-hour happening. After all, it is billed as a "Wine Harvest Street Festival," so count on seeing the "I Love Rosé Lounge" and other hallmarks of a vino-lively lark. There shall be live music, too, and a chance to watch the brave souls who step into the grape-filled bins. Will that be you? Is this something you've always longed to try? Make 2019 your year then, and be sure to be at the Danish Capital of America on Oct. 19 for all of the sticky, squishy fun.

A TICKET... is $75, though there is a VIP entry, too, if you'd like early admission (that's $125, and includes a VIP area). Is this your favorite action of autumn? Grape-stomping high jinks? The Solvang Stomp is your event, then. Best start stretching those tootsies, for we're less than two months out.

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