Sonoma Sweet: Blossoms, Bees & Barnyard Babies

Baby farm animals and a line-up of agriculturally enriching activities are woven into this free weekend event.

FOLLOWING THE FARM TRAILS... around Sonoma County can lead a curious and adventurous lover of nature, nostalgia, interesting knowledge, and wee baby animals to plenty of treasures, it's true. But if you hop on one of those trails in the springtime, during the special "Blossoms, Bees & Barnyard Animals" weekend, you'll be joining other co-adventurers longing to know more about life on a farm, about beekeeping, about the growing of delicious produce, and, for sure, about those aforementioned baby animals, which really can be quite wee (and squee-worthy). Also squee-worthy? This annual event is totally free, or, "(m)ost of the stops are FREE," rather, a nice feature that can make one as buzzy as a bee. If you're buzzy over the event's sheer free-o-sity,

BEST STAY BUZZY, and as bee-busy as you can, for there's another step to take. You'll want to RSVP, so you're sure to get a line-up of destinations jumping into the joyful weekend. You'll want to know where to go, and both the roster of places and an online map will help you out there. What can you expect to encounter? Well, "Something for Everyone" is the happy outlook for the April 27 and 28 lark, so if you like bees or cows or farm tours or tasting or lavender or olive oil or pretty places to picnic or food trucks to buy picnicky snacks at, you're in some sort of lovely luck. And, of course, there is the most notable entry on the "Something for Everyone" rundown,

ANIMAL CUDDLING: Surely, can any human person who has ever encountered a photograph of a lamb resist such an idea? It's as sweet as the season of springtime, which is beyond sweet around Sonoma County. See for yourself, as April's charms reach full flower, along the famous Farm Trails of the picturesque, lavender-laden, honey-tasty, lamb-baaful region.

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