Sound the Drums for California WorldFest

So many global acts, oodles of family to-dos, and glad vibes rule the Grass Valley gathering.

Alan Sheckter

THE TOP OF SUMMER, or high summer, or summer at its apex, or the season at its sunniest, is a sensation that springs from what we're doing, how we're feeling, the people we are with, and the general glad-a-tude we're experiencing. For while "the height of summer" can be pinned on a few actual dates, around the middle of the season, reaching the tippy-top of what the warmest stretch actually embodies can happen in a multitude of magical ways. And one of the magic-makers out there stands tall each July, not exactly at the true height of summer but, truly, standing for every good thing that summer brings. It's California WorldFest, a large-scale music festival that puts the come-together emphasis on global tunes, as well as enjoying the events in a peaceful, deep-soul'd, family-sweet way. Yes, that means there are kid activities at the Grass Valley gathering, if you're attending with kids, and there's yoga, and there's a whole host of workshops covering a spate of covering everything from meditation to dance.

AND PROVIDING THE TUNES, which are both moving and get-moving? Galactic, Anoushka Shankar, Trevor Hall, Samantha Fish, Magic Giant, Mike Love, Banana Slug String Band, Fula Brothers, Battle of Santiago, and so many more acts, acts that will bring the drums, the beautiful instruments, and the sung-sweet tales from around the planet. The place is the Nevada County Fairgrounds, the days shimmer from July 12 through 15, and a one-day pass in advance? It's $65, but there are several different passes and tickets to peruse, depending upon how long you'll be there. Be there, though, for as long as you can, if you're hoping to take a sonic and soul-good trip around the globe this summer via one of Grass Valley's most vibrant happenings.

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