Space Love at SETIcon II

It's where "science and imagination" meet. And it's in Santa Clara.


SPACE AGE LOVE SONG: We're not sure how why it happens but the fact is it happens far too often. We are talking about the fact that the world of telescopes and mathematical equations and distant research can take on a rather cold mien in pop culture. Yes, space is cold, but the study of space is filled with warmth and excitement and joy and heat. Ask any amateur astronomer or scientist who makes a living watching supernovas form many light years away. And ask anyone at SETIcon II, which is set to lift off, at least in hearts and minds, in Santa Clara from Friday, June 22 through Sunday, June 24.

ABOUT SETICON II: SETI does indeed stand for the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, meaning that the gathering will bring together speakers of several disciplines. It's a "unique, entertaining, and enlightening public event where science and imagination meet," say organizers, so the schedule will feature a host of fascinating speakers. Those fascinating people include biologist Dale T. Anderson on Antarctic exploration, "Star Trek" writer Andre Bormanis, UC Berkeley astronomy professor Geoff Marcy, and Bill Nye, who needs no introduction at all (just a lab coat and some beakers, we imagine). The line-up is quite large, actually, and very, very lively; look for interesting panels and discussion throughout the weekend.

OTHER TO-DOS: A Luncheon with Scientists and a peek at a new Shuttle film are on the docket. In short, if you love looking up at night while wondering, and you really love the whole wondering part, you'll find your place at the con. Details.

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