Speartastic: San Joaquin Asparagus Festival

Who's up for an asparagus corn dog?

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WHAT WORD... do you most associate with asparagus? Is it "tart," which would make sense, since the vegetable folds so well into all sorts of crusty, flaky pies made with a vivacious variety of dairy products? Is it "salad," an understandable choice, since the asparagus chops so very well, and fills out a leafy bowl of healthy goodness when the lettuce end of the deal can't quite go the distance? Or is it "spear," since the lengthy edible is so very spear-like in shape? Whatever you think of when you think of the asparagus, you probably also occasionally think of places that are related to the flavorful veg, such as the produce aisle, the farmers market, and Stockton, which is where the annual San Joaquin Asparagus Festival unfolds each springtime. And springtime is very much the prime time for asparagus goodness, thanks to its greeny supremeness and fresh-from-the-field flavor. If you can't get enough of the superstar spear, whether in a tart, a salad, or, yes, the occasional dessert, be at the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds from...

APRIL 20 THROUGH 22, 2018: A full-on fair, complete with a Kids Zone, music, a health area, and more, will flower, but you may want to head first to Asparagus Alley. That's where you'll be able to purchase an array of munchy edibles like asparagus corn dogs, asparagus chili cheese fries, steak asparagus burritos, crab & asparagus balls, asparagus fried rice and lo mein, and, wait for it, asparagus churros. Now that we pause and ponder, the churro has a similar shape to the asparagus, making it, at least in that sense, a good fit, but bet you'll find other tasty similarities between the two (or, at least, the fact that they do blend flavorfully). For all of the greenly goodies, and admission information, and parking, point like an asparagus spear in this direction and plan your veg-ful soiree in Stockton now.

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