Spookamotive: Seasonal Sacramento Train

Three themed weekends shall haunt the rails, in October.

RR Spookomotive-2016 Exterior 2 KH

A GOOD THEMED WEEKEND? It's pretty much the fanciful stuff that Halloween is made of, if you want to be perfectly honest. True, Halloween is also built upon a mound of mouthwatering candy, and ghoulishly great decorations, and eeky stories, too, but if we can dress up and join others who are dressed in a similar fashion? Well, it must be October, or at least autumn, and hooray to that. And should the chance to gussy up occurs on an atmospheric train, a locomotive that will run along a storied river for a number of miles? That ups the whole eerie enterprise, setting-wise. That's just what's set to go on, over a trio of October weekends, in Sacramento as the Spookamotive sets out from the Central Pacific Freight Depot. The whole ride is about 45 minutes, and six miles, if you prefer to measure it that way, which'll give you and your tots plenty of time to show off your costumes while admiring the outlandish looks of others riding the train. And the three themed weekends? Best...

DIG IN YOUR CLOSET, for Superheroes & Villains starts it all off on Saturday, Oct. 14 and Sunday, Oct. 15, while Pirates & Princesses follows on Oct. 21 and 22, and Witches & Wizards rounds it all out, magically, on the final weekend in October. There's a VIP option, which includes a Mad Scientist and laboratory element, and a First Class ticket, too, which comes with a Halloween cookie. The organizers of this October-ideal outing? California State Parks and the California State Railroad Museum & Foundation. Spooky train rides are a staple of the season, true, but finding them is the first essential step. And the second? Well, if costumes are allowed, and encouraged, you'll need to get super-creative. Get going on that front, and your ticket-purchasing plans, too, train-loving, Halloween-obsessed buffs.

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