St. Helena Valentine's: Poetry Written for You

It's a wine country getaway with a fresh prism (plus fine wine, too).

LOVEBIRDS FLOCKING TO A GETAWAY... aren't merely thinking of the lovely room that awaits, and the fine food, and the possibilities for hand-in-hand nature walks or evenings spent fireside; they're also pondering, in some sense, the fuller meaning and theme of it all. We don't often get a chance to put love into words, or the excitement of an experience, which is why poetry has sung our songs for us throughout the ages. But what if we could meet with a poet, during a love-themed weekend, and have that wordsmith elaborate on some of the emotions and deeper threads that we cannot, or haven't taken the time yet to express? It's a rare thing, for weekends away usually have different commemorative mementos, like mugs or towels or such. But sweethearts booking the St. Helena Love Story package this Valentine's Day at The Harvest Inn by Charlie Palmer will leave with a different in-hand memory, one that doesn't hold coffee or dry hair but rather is personalized to the twosome in question: a poem. 

FOR SURE, there are some other tantalizing additions to the wine country getaway, including a bottle of St. Supéry, a couples massage (performed "side-by-side," as is traditional), and a trio of ultra-luxe Woodhouse Chocolates. The poetry part weaves its way into the weekend courtesy of Poet Silvi Alicar, who will meet you and your co-adventurer and, after three minutes, fashion a word-whimsical expression for you both. (Her colorful, and colorful-of-heart, process can be spied in this video.) This emotion-celebratory meet-up happens at St. Supèry Estate & Vineyards & Winery, where, in addition to having a poet zip off a zippy poet in your lovey honor, you'll also indulge in a quartet of Cabernet Sauvignon tastings from the estate's "diverse portfolio."

WILL THE POEM... spun in honor of you two taste as rich and deep as a rich and deep red? Even deeper? Will the side-by-side sips, and sitting with a poet, lend the Valentine's more va-voom? Capped by a happy night in luxury accommos at The Harvest Inn and in-room breakfast the following morning? Just keep track of your poem during your stay, and tuck it into your suitcase upon check-out. Keepsakes don't come quirkier, nor more memory-filled, than a poet writing a poem for you in front of you.

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