State Fair Eating Contest: Hello, Corn Dogs

Watch those sticks, contestants.

Corn Dogs

NOT YET USURPED: There was a day, not so long ago, when sticks inserted in foods belonged, in the public's collective mind, to two foods: Popsicles (and other frozen treats) and, on the hotter side of the menu, corn dogs. Yes, we know, sticks show up elsewhere (and we're talking sticks, not skewers, which is a whole other meal-based matter). But cold sweets and a certain batter-laden meat product were king and queen of the Stick Snackin' throne, a throne that we imagine to be, you guessed it, full made out of sticks.

BUT... times changed, casual and novelty eating grew in popularity, and suddenly everything was on a stick. Pork chop on a stick? Yet. Deep-fried candy bar on a stick? You bet. Stick of butter on a stick? Some enterprising culinaire has already thought of this, surely. The only question remaining was this: Where did that leave the traditional long-standing stick foods?

THEY'RE STILL AROUND: And the corn dog is set to be, yet again, the star of the California State Fair's annual eating contest. On Friday, July 19 and Saturday, July 20, corn-dog-ists will go stick-to-stick to see who can be top, uh, dog. The top prize is pretty golden: $2,500. But there are rules and safety things to consider (and "chipmunking" is allowed -- this is a word we just learned today and may use forever).

THE FAIR... is known for people testing limits. We still can't stop thinking about at the woman who rode the Ferris wheel for 26 and a half hours in 2012. Who's up for a full day on the Tilt-A-Whirl?

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