Stay at The Citizen Hotel, Join a ‘Lady Bird' Tour

Enjoy a getaway at the historic Sacramento hotel while visiting some of the locations seen in the acclaimed film.

KNOWING A CITY, and having a sense of its freeways, and its general neighborhoods, and what major rivers run through town, isn't quite the same as understanding the city's spirit, the people who live there, and what drives its particular vibe, day after day. There are probably towns around the Golden State you've visited, places that you can talk about, at length, but as for really digging down deep into what's at the heart of the location? That's for locals to know, or people who return often, and diversify their pursuits and activities. Of course, a person can always turn to art to know a city a bit better, and movies like "Lady Bird" have helped connect viewers to a Sacramento they might not have seen before. True, major landmarks, like Tower Bridge, are in writer/director Greta Gerwig's acclaimed film, but so are neighborhoods and spots of the beaten path. That's a path you'll trek, along with Sac Running Tours, should you book a Lady Bird's Sacramento package at...

THE CITIZEN HOTEL: The stylish downtown destination is working with the tour company to put guests out and around Sactown, where locations from the 2017 film will be visited. The package includes two nights at The Citizen, a Lady Bird Welcome Amenity (think stickers, the soundtrack CD, pink hair dye (it's temporary), and more), and a DVD of the movie. Also included is the Lady Bird Walking Tour for two people, and a picnic lunch, and a Lady Bird Cocktail at Grange Restaurant & Bar. Parking is included, yep, and it all starts, for everything, plus a few more goodies not mentioned, at $678, for two people, for two nights. Need more details? Find 'em here. Need to know the spirit of Sacramento beyond your past stays in the capital city? Connect with one of its most famous works of cinematic art, and a very recent work at that, all while calling upon the places Lady Bird and her friends frequented in the lovely look-back at Sacramento in the early aughts.

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