‘Stranger Things' to Again Haunt Halloween Horror Nights

The Netflix phenom'll be back at Universal Studios Hollywood's maze-filled autumn scare spectacular.

"STRANGER THINGS" FANS... are beyond super-stoked for Independence Day 2019, for that's when the third season of the hit Netflix series returns. But, after devotees of the weird world binge the episodes, and then binge again? It might seem, at first glance, as though the "Stranger Things" well will have again run sadly dry. Be not blue, "Stranger" peeps, for that will not be the case. Why? Because Eleven, Chief Hopper, and the world you adore/fear will be back, in maze form, at Halloween Horror Nights this fall. You're absolutely right, if you recall that "Stranger Things" made its maze-tastic debut at the...

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD... horror-tacular in 2018. The 2019 return, however, will start where the 2018 maze ended, venturing bravely through the twisty plots of season 2, and its most intense moments, as well as what's to come in season 3. Can you even handle? You'll watch season 3, in July, and, just a couple of months later, you yourself will be inside the storyline at Universal Studios Hollywood. Does that mean you'll suddenly find yourself ahead in the timeline, in 1985? Oh yes, so best don your stripey tube socks, scrunchies, and neon jelly shoes in preparation. By the by, this is the...

VERY FIRST MAZE REVEAL... of the 2019 Halloween Horror Nights line-up, which means there'll be more announcements soon to come, as spring blooms and summer heats up. Past Halloween Horror Nights have creepily called upon the worlds of "The Walking Dead," "The Exorcist," "Poltergeist," and the "Halloween" movies. What wicked maze-monstrous experiences will pop up, in 2019, to complement the gnarly universe of "Stranger Things"? Stay tuned, stay brave, and, seriously, start digging for your scrunchie, neon jellies, and sense of adventure. Halloween Horror Nights 2019 opens for its multi-week run on Friday, Sept. 13.

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