Suds Celebration: Beer Prom in Sacramento

Sacramento Beer Week is on the way, bringing a bevy of social, sippable events.

THE IDEA OF A PROM... once strictly belonged to high school. It was a dealie involving tuxedos and frocks and punch bowls and crepe streamers and balloons and a live band, if someone knew a live band who could play a few dance-ready hits. But proms have graduated into the adult sphere, taking on several new attributes from retro themes ('80s-style proms are not uncommon) to specific foodstuffs and beverages as a centerpoint. One such prom will soon sashay into Sacramento, and the California Automobile Museum, during the capital's mondo Sacramento Beer Week. We say "mondo," without any qualifiers, because the city has become something of a leader on the hops-based innovation front, with numerous brewhouses pushing the foamy artform to new flavorful places. The late-winter celebration, then, is a way to get to know those makers, and the fans, and the many ales now giving the capital drink scene a whole bunch of body and depth. Pair this with a lively night out, at Beer Prom, and you have a social entry into the Sactown sip scene, with a cool 'n historic place to see.

THE DATE'S FRIDAY, MARCH 4... and the museum fundraiser will serve as the setting for the '80s-funky shindig (okay, you likely knew that glittery decade would be involved). Some 20 craft brewers are expected, so line up your ride, or your designated driver, and don your brightest neon. If a 21+ prom isn't the only goal you have for the out-sized foam festivity, best check out all that's doing around town, from the Sacramento Brewers' Showcase to the Capitol Beer Fest. A number of happenings at local taverns fill out the Feb. 25 through March 6 schedule, from cask nights to tap takeovers to Pints for Pets, an event in support of a local animal shelter. There are ways to zone in on ciders or particular brewing outfits, as well as ways to taking in the general overview and scene. But there's no doubting the city's stalwart-y character on the beer-making front, and the many bev-minded artisans who call it home. Meet a few, see what the latest is behind the taps and barrels, and raise a crafty-cool sip to our historic capital.

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