Suisun Valley: Passport Sunday Adventure

Savor food/vino pairings at a host of regional wineries.

SIGNS OF SPRINGTIME: So much pressure is put on crocuses and lilacs and orange blossoms, in terms of heralding the start of springtime. It's like we can't even kick off the sweetest run of the year without their go-ahead. And while we give these floral icons all of the respect they've earned over the ages, as springtime harbingers, let us also look at the other signs that pop up around March and April. True, college basketball tends to let us all know that spring is nearly here, and Easter on the calendar is a very important signifier of the season. A lilt or traipse in our step, or, yes, even a spring, can reveal that the light-of-heart period has arrived, too. And baby animals making their cute debuts? Yep, spring's here or on the way. To all of this goodness let us also add that wine country passports are another contemporary sign of the season, one that says sunny days are on the way. You're out, tasting delicious elixirs, and enjoying any soft sunbeams and soft breezes you happen to encounter. Suisun Valley is in on this season-welcoming action with a day devoted to area wineries, and all of the pleasures of being out-and-about on an April day. That day, in 2016, is Sunday, April 10, and ten Fairfield-close wineries'll be doing the whole food/wine tasting thing. It's...

SUISUN VALLEY PASSPORT SUNDAY, a day devoted to vittles that sing alongside vino (and, of course, a day devoted to vino, too). Guests will find chef-prepared eats at various stations along the way, as well as some of the loveliest libations made in the area, from places like BackRoad Vines, Wooden Valley Winery, and more. And will local growers and makers also be out with their gourmet wares? For sure, so look for locally produced "olive oils, jams, fruits, and nuts" to pop up at various wineries. Does this sell out each year? It very much does. Are the passports available for purchase now? They are, at fifty bucks, with a designated driver ticket for $20. Will we ever forgo the crocuses and breezes and classic signs of spring? Of course not. It's a big, beautiful season, and all harbingers and symbols are welcome, and most certainly when they involve a sweet Sunday spent in a sweet slice of wine country.

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