Summer of Love: Magic Mountain Play Music Fest

The one-day-only happening summons the vibes of Jefferson Starship and "Hair."

COMMUNING WITH TREES... and flowers and sunshine and the clouds and the sky? It feels as much a part of the spirit of the Summer of Love as love beads, tie-on headbands, and round iridescent sunglasses. A lot of enchantment, and community vibing, happened in park-like settings, as well as the wilder woods, making nature is one of the prominent, woven-through themes of that hallowed time. And while the Summer of Love will enjoy many exhibits and events in the city during the warm-weather stretch of 2017, there is a sunshiny place you can go to commune with sky and branch and bird, all while hearkening back to an it-really-happened event on its 50th anniversary. It's the Magic Mountain Play Music Festival, at the capacious Cushing Memorial Amphitheatre at Mount Tamalpais State Park, and it is flowing and jamming on a single, summon-the-past-day: Saturday, June 10. That's when...

JEFFERSON STARSHIP... will take the stage, and the Matt Kizer Band and Shelley Doty X-tet, too. "Hair" in concert is also part of the 1967ing of the happy gathering, one that will see stilt walkers and as well as "Groovy Merchandise!" A regular ticket is $40, and you'll want to figure out your way up Mt. Tam, whether it be by shuttle or (a long and lovely but, seriously, long) hike. As for the iconic gathering the 2017 festival is mindfully and joyfully remembering? You might have been there, on June 10 and 11, 1967, on Mt. Tam, at the KFRC Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain Music Festival, watching Jefferson Airplane and Dionne Warwick and Canned Heat and several other major acts. It's was one of the sound-major staples of the Summer of Love calendar, and an important progenitor of outdoor music festivals to come.

BE WITH NATURE, and good tunes, and people who vivaciously stand for the principles behind the Summer of Love, up the mountain on the second Saturday of June.

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