Summer, or at Least Summer Hours, Begins at Bodie

It's time to take that road trip to the Mono County gem.

Visit California/Carol Highsmith

WHILE WE'RE ALL MOVING... into the future, the next day, the new day, the late morning, the meeting we have to take, the phone call we just can't miss, there is the town of Bodie, which seems to, quite marvelously, inch ever closer to its past, one gentle breeze or crow caw at a time. It is a place that seems to be out of time, in fact, as in outside the bounds of time as we modern-era go-go-go-ers know it, and if you were to claim that you saw a clock ticking backwards at the Mono County landmark, hardly anyone would dare call you out on such a fantastical fib. For Bodie State Historic Park does cleave well to another century, in style, tone, history, and amazing look, and pushing it into fast-forward mode, as we beyond-Bodie people live, just wouldn't do at all. But sometimes time does actually impact Bodie, as in contemporary clocks and right-now minutes, and it isn't about seeing the world-famous 19th-century ghost town slip a little further into a bygone era. Rather, it is all about the...

LONGER HOURS... that come to the location when the days get brighter and lighter. That bigger Bodie day kicked off on the first of April and will last right through to Halloween, a very Bodie-esque day, indeed (well, the location does often rocks the "ghost town" handle while ghosts and Halloween are age-old buds). The longer hours begin at 9 in the morning, much like winter, but wrap up at 6 o'clock. Good to think about? Just because it is springtime doesn't mean a dramatic storm full of flakes and swirl won't sweep by, because that happens in the area, for sure. Also? A few special days are coming up, in the summer of 2018, including photo-themed sunrise and sunset happenings. Ready to road trip it to the town of "arrested decay," a place gloriously frozen in history, but still so, so alive? Your daytime explorations just got a bit of room and stretch, as of April 1.

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