Summer's Juiciest Gift: Sacratomato Week

The sauce-ready, sandwich-ready, salad-amazing fruit is the honored star at a capital city eat-around.

THIS IS A DELECTABLE DAY AND AGE... where, for the most part, vegetables and fruits are highly gettable, regardless of what the calendar says. But some say — humans, not calendars, that is — that awaiting the perfect seasonal moment to enjoy a particular vegetable or fruit only ups the general eating experience, pairing the moment with the traditional time that the fresh-from-the-garden item is believed to be at its peak perfection. You can actually do both, if that's your preference, and a lot of people do. Enjoying a zingy tomato sauce in chilliest wintertime is a-ok, and then seeking out fresh tomatoes, atop salads and sandwiches and even plain, around July, is a goal of many gourmands, too. This is where the juicy, dine-around-the-capital-city, get-your-tomato-on...

SACRATOMATO WEEK... rolls in to our lives. No surprise, this is a later-in-July affair, which dovetails with a time of year when tomatoes rule the school (or, rather, our plates). A number of Midtown Sutter District take a week or so to spotlight "Sacramento's signature commodity" via special entrées and beverages. Speaking of beverages, the Bloody Mary is front-and-centered during the week, so plan on trying out the brunchy libation if you call upon the district. A tempting example? Cafe Bernardo/Monkey Bar will be serving a raspberry-ancho chile Bloody Maria. As for the nom side of the equation? The special dishes are listed here, and if you've longed for a chilled gold tomato soup in recent days, Paragary's is the place to go. By the by, a free festival kicks the whole week into higher, tomato-luscious gear on Saturday, July 22, which official starts Sacratomato Week. As for its final day? That's Sunday, July 30.

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