Sweet: Sea Otter Inn's Cambria Christmas Market Deal

Hoping to call upon the charming annual event? Find your cozy stay-over nearby.

ENERGY AND OOMPH: Strolling, at the most placid of paces, through a delightful holiday market? If you have nothing else on your schedule, and lots of time to look, and more time to sip a hot beverage, and even extra time to return to a tempting item you considered purchasing earlier, then you know this is one of the most merry ways to spend a few hours. The rush-rush of the season has a way of dissipating at these traditional alfresco spreads, and peering deeply at each potential gift you hold, and perhaps even meeting the artisan who made it, is the easy-going order of the day. But when night comes? That easy-going-a-tude has a way of floating away, like fog, if you have to drive home, over several miles, or find your route to some distant stay-over spot. But the...

SEA OTTER INN... is changing that dynamic up for mavens of the quaint Cambria Christmas Market, the multi-evening event that takes place each year in the Pacific-pretty village. There's a package available, from Nov. 23 through Dec. 23, 2018, and it includes staying over at the sweet Sea Otter, which is right on Moonstone Beach Drive, if you know your Cambria layout, and admission to the Christmas market. Plus? This is lovely: You'll get transportation to the market, if you don't want to deal with that. And, hello, there's breakfast the next day, a fortifying meal as you contemplate all of the treasures you found and purchased the night before. Is the...

CAMBRIA CHRISTMAS MARKET... your annual go-to between Thanksgiving and the yuletide? Or will 2018 be year #1 for you? Consider a night at the not-too-far Sea Otter Inn, an experience that will up the general un-rush-a-tude of calling upon this gem of a market. The starting point for your stay-over rate? It's $189, for two people. Fa, la, la follow this link for details

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