Tahoe Autumn: Salmon Spawns and Colorful Vistas

Headed up for a slice of autumnal Alpine-y goodness? Grab your camera.


BETWEEN SEASONS: We're not sure if there's ever a truly lay-low time for easy-breezy Lake Tahoe, though some may say that spring and fall are slightly more chill. Perhaps, but one can make any time of the year chill in one of the prettiest destinations in all of California and Nevada. Wait, did we just limit Tahoe's beauty to the two states it touches? We meant the planet, and possibly the solar system. This isn't going too far, right? You've seen Emerald Bay State Park, which looks like it might something of a Tolkien novel, given that it is so visual and spectacular, yes? If you think we're being hyperbolic, you haven't seen us talking about Emerald Bay State Park at Emerald Bay State Park. (Sorry, other tourists who paused at the overlook with us to admire the bay; we kind of lose it a little right there, every dang time.)

AHEM... it is true, though: Fall can be a quieter time, if you make it so, to visit the fir-dotted higher climes. There are places you'll want to see out the changing leaves -- Spooner Lake and Fallen Leaf Lake are mentioned as two lovely destinations -- as are, yep, Emerald Bay and Hope Valley. As mentioned, firs dominate, but a bright red or yellow tree in a swath of green needle-y giants is a rather spectacular sight. As spectacular as Emerald Bay, you ask? Please. We discussed our extreme devotion to the bay already. Don't make us go weepy again.

OCTOBER SPAWN: Another gift of a Lake Tahoe fall is the annual Kokanee Salmon spawn at Taylor Creek. It doesn't last too long, but it is quite the marvel, and you'll likely never see so many crimson-orange swimmers clustered so tightly together as they make their annual journey. It's near the south part of the lake, southwestern-ish, actually, and helpful rangers are on hand to guide you to great viewing spots.

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