Tahoe-Style Summer

Rafting on the Truckee and lake-close bike rides are two choices.

North Lake Tahoe

SUMMER UP THE MOUNTAIN: So few places even own one season but North Lake Tahoe pretty much rules our coldest and warmest months. (Okay, we'll definitely argue for fall, too, what with the colorful trees dotting here and there amongst the firs, and we'll invite spring lovers to weigh in, too.) But the snow season can dominate Tahoe's brand, which isn't a bad thing; after all, it is Tahoe, italics, so it kind of rules the slopes. But we like the softer summer at the lake, the nights of music and days on the Truckee. Here are a few things going on around the big lake.

TIME ON THE TRUCKEE: "The dam gates are open and the river is now flowing" says a local North Tahoe Lake rep. Sweet on the Truckee? Yep, we'll guess yes, and with good reason; it is truly a stunning locale. There are two companies that just opened for business a couple of days back -- Truckee River Raft Company and Truckee River Rafting -- and they both offer "self-guided, five-mile floats" down the scene waterway. Want. To. Be. There. Now. To get in touch with either company, or to find more wet activities, this link will be helpful.

THE 20-YEAR BIKE TRAIL: Nope, it isn't a lake-close bike path that takes two decades to cycle in full; rather, this one-mile trail took 20 years to complete. It's called the Tahoe City Lakeside Trail and officially opens on June 21. If you love your wheels, you know there is plenty of riding. Find your perfect path here.

FOURTH OF JULY: As with years past, the question is who isn't doing fireworks, throwing a barbecue, hosting a concert. If you'll be on the mountain come Independence Day, decide where you want to be.

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