Take to the Trail: Livermore Barrel Tasting Weekend

Over 30 wineries around the valley are jumping into this vino-vivacious gathering.

TRAILS, of course, and without quibble, exist in all seasons, and very much in wintertime, when skis and snowshoes create snow-crunchy paths through woodsy areas. Spring trails are a thing, though they can be a bit muddy at times, and depending upon where you are an autumn trail can be bestrewn with colorful leaves (and, yes, you'll want to say "bestrewn," as often as you can, as you hike that fall trail). But trails seem to get the most play when the weather is warmer, or it starts to warm up, and plentiful people are out in their tank tops and shorts or light pants, with walking sticks, finding new sights and adventures in the sunshine. It must be a positive sign for lovers of warmer weather, then, when trail-oriented events come back into view. Of course, a wine trail isn't bestrewn with leaves nor snowflakes, but it is bestrewn with all sorts of grape-great libations, the kind of sips you can enjoy there and/or take home. Such a trail exists in Livermore Valley, and while it is not for hiking, but rather driving along, it can be done in a day or less, with your designated driver at the helm. And...

OVER 30 WINERIES... along this trail are ready to participate in the upcoming, large-of-scale Barrel Tasting Weekend. The Livermore Valley Wine Country event is a weekend-long lark, landing on both Saturday, March 10 and Sunday, March 11. If you buy your ticket online, it's $45, while a buy-it-there ticket is $55. A nice thing? That ticket is good for either Saturday, Sunday, or both days, so you're not confined to making a choice as to when you want to go at the time you purchase. Omega Road Winery, Longevity Wines, Concannon Vineyard, and other terrific winemaking places are on the participant roster. There's a painted barrel raffle, too — there are 15 in all — if that's a cool and funky thing you'd like to go for, to brighten up your den. More details? Find them here, dear trail enthusiasts who also happen to dig wine, springtime, and the lovely LV.

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