Tasting the Trails

Wend your way through flowers and under trees around Napa.

Napa Valley

WINE WHEELS: Before we get to the very pleasurable idea of cycling around Napa Valley, let us stop and raise a proverbial glass -- we'll have pretend syrah and you have whatever you like -- to the Land Trust of Napa County. Much of the county is known for its vine-laden, soft-hill'd vast vistas but that isn't a happy accident; people don't merely shrug their shoulders and hope much of the Napa wilderness stays untouched, fertile, and gorgeous. The Land Trust has, in fact, helped 26,000 acres of one of the world's most famous stretches of wine-y goodness stay, in its words, "pristine." But those pristine and wild pockets aren't merely meant to stay unadmired and people-free; the trust runs a few events that allows fans of the glass and grasses to get their happy fill in.

TASTING THE TRAILS: There are a few outings by bike just ahead. On Saturday, March 24 cyclists will take on the Franz Valley Loop and Old Toll Road is the destination for Saturday, April 21 riders. The trust also reports that St. Helena's own Velo Vino hosts "the sportiest wine tasting in Napa" and monthly cycle outings. Not a cyclist? Check in with the Land Trust regarding walk-abouts, art hikes, and wilderness-pretty yoga sessions.

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