Tenaya Lodge's New Explorer Cabins Are Open

Planning on a Yosemite idyll? Here's your brand-new, rustic-luxe bed-down, not far from the national park.

CALLING UPON THE MOUNTAINS? It isn't unusual to want it both ways when it comes to your tree-glorious getaway. And by "both ways," we simply mean that you want to rise to see the sun come up over the nearest peaks and you want to push it late into the night, in order to admire the Milky Way. You want streams and you want towering firs. You crave crags and smooth trails. You love clear skies and dramatic storms. In fact, you want a little bit of everything, while you're there, all to be sure you haven't missed a thing. That can be rather tricky to find in a single trip, but Tenaya Lodge is now making it a lot easier for those guests who'd love a cabin-y experience, one that's slightly away-away, but still appreciates the amenities and services of a resort. How is the Fish Camp-based destination performing this both-ways-ish feat? Through the brand-new, just-introduced...

EXPLORER CABINS AT TENAYA LODGE: There are 50 cabins in all, all of the "stand-alone, two-bedroom" variety, and they are not, repeat not found cheek-by-jowl with the main lodge. Rather, you will find them "... nestled within a forest of sugar pines and incense cedars and surrounded by nature trails." Does each cabin have its own fireplace? Indeed, and it sleeps up to six people, if you're bringing the whole fam or friend group. It's group-ready, at 650 square feet, and each includes a kitchen, as well as a private deck. There are family-style cabins, with bunk beds, as well as premium and deluxe cabins (those boast views of either a pond or a creek, which, yes, means they're more on the edge of the cabin grouping, which means more privacy).

CABINEERING ADVENTURES? You can find them with the details found in a well-appointed resort, but with the woods-adjacent-a-tude that the explorer in you might crave. And if the explorer in you also craves a Yosemite National Park hike or day out, be further gladdened, for Tenaya Lodge is just a short drive from the park's south entrance. The peak rate for an Explorer Cabin? It's $719. Included in that is breakfast (oh goodie, it is gratis) and the chance to sip vino over at the clubhouse during the evening wine reception. More details? You bet, woodsy wanderers and cabin-loving gadabouts.

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