The Art of Sawplaying

Saw-Off Contestant Rosalyn Claret 169
Saw Player's Picnic and Music Festival

CEREBRAL SAWS: When you hear a saw -- as in a saw -- playing, you know it is a saw. That's not always true; sometimes a ghostly theramin comes to mind, or even sometimes glass rims, but the sharp-edged tool usually wins out. All that said, finding a good sawplayer nowadays? Not as easy as one would want it to be. We don't see them fronting orchestras on a regular basis (truly unfortunate) or hitting the clubs. But, on occasion, a festival jamboree will pop up, as one is doing in Santa Cruz and at Roaring Camp Railroad in Felton. The dates are Saturday, Aug. 13 and Sunday, Aug. 14, and a slew of wizards who know how to bend the blade will be making music.

BLADELY BASH: There are a few things happening at the Felton to-do, but the Chorus of the Saws is particularly intriguing. It's on Sunday afternoon in Roaring Camp, and we can only imagine the treeful setting and woo-woo warbling of those magnificent saws will provide the audience with a rare experience. And if you've ever been thinking of taking up the saw, this could be a fine time to get to know the ins and outs. From the pretty picture above, it looks like gloves are a given.

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