The Citrus-Sweet Cloverdale Fair Is Ready to Roll

Like the Riverside County Fair, it's an early and ebullient annual entry on the festival calendar.

TRY TO TELL SOMEONE, a someone who keeps a residence outside of California, that we here in the Golden State rock fruit-oriented festivals aplenty. Truth? They'll believe you, because that's our state's particular (and particularly accurate) reputation. But try and tell someone that two fruit-tastic festivals, parties with roots in a robust superstar of the produce aisle, happen in wintertime, and the heart of wintertime at that, in two parts of the state, and you might get a guffaw in response. But guffaw, they should not, for it is true: Both the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival and the Cloverdale Citrus Fair sprout, like delicious growing things, in the middle of February each year. 

CLOVERDALE, in Sonoma County, can trace its history back to the late 1800s. The four-dayer will twinkle from Friday, Feb. 15 through Monday, Feb. 18 in 2019, meaning you can combine a Valentine's road trip with this sweet summer breeze of a bash. The fair is ready to rock a midway-fun carnival, a parade, several competitions (the Orange Surprise and Lemon Delight dessert contests are two of the sweet showdowns), and other homespun, community-sweet happenings, so plan your day around the fun spread. Will the temps be summery in nature? Well, no, because it is February, but bet you'll find your inner summer lover after an hour or two. Just eat a few treats, ride a few rides, sip a few vinos at the "Largest Competition of North American Wines, and enjoy.

DETAILS... on Cloverdale, and on the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival? Check now, and rev up those summer feels, a third of a year before summer actually arrives.

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