The Concerts at Wente Vineyards

The lovely Livermore venue is readying the vino for headliners and their fans.

Wente Vineyards

SOUNDS OF SUMMER: There are a number of reasons to love a good summertime concert series, for sure, but when it happens at a big winery? The reasons go up. Number one? Not every winery holds concerts -- not every winery can, truly -- so it feels a little special. Number two? No need to plan for that before-concert meet-up or drink. You'll just show at the winery itself and start imbibing there, what with them having wine (spoiler alert: It's in the name). And third? A picnicky atmosphere enhanced by an alfresco concert is pretty much summer distilled. We've never seen summer for sale on the shelves -- oookay, pool noodle manufactures, and the people who make blowy soap bubbles, you do try very well, we admit it -- but we suspect that the label for summer might include something along the lines of "may contain outdoor concerts/and or wine."

WENTE WILL HAVE BOTH: The sound-filled season is getting ready to start up again at the Livermore vineyards. Martina McBride kicks off the shows on Wednesday, June 26, and some favorites follow, including some artists with Bay Area cred (we're tipping our hat to you, Huey Lewis and Counting Crows). Different dining options are available, so, again, no need to meet your pals before the show and then drive to Wente. We do love when music and a meal comes all wrapped up in one warm-weather package.

THE BIG WRAP-UP: REO Speedwagon bids summer adieu on Thursday, Sept. 12. Don't you wish these winery shows extended a little into fall? We know, harvest season gets busy, and temps drop, but we just want to keep on rollin'. Oh yeah, we were going to go there, because we had to.

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