The Domaine Carneros Sparkling Suite

Have a special-but-private occasion ahead? Here's your vineyard-view celebration spot.

THAT FABULOUS SETTING: If you've ever had something exciting to share with your sweetheart -- a bit of good news about work or life or family or such -- you probably don't give too much consideration to the setting in which you make the big reveal. Perhaps it is the kitchen, after your honey has returned home from the office, or a car, or the living room couch. These are all most excellent spots for spur-of-the-moment sharings, but a togetherness happening that will be retold (and retold and retold), say, like an engagement, requires a bit more stage-management in the where-exactly-you-are arena. And if a table and wine and flowers are what you've imagined for your question-popping, or anniversary celebrating, but you don't necessarily want to coo/laugh/jump up and down within earshot and eyeshot of others, there's a way to have your vino and drink it, too: The Domaine Carneros Sparkling Suite.

THINK OF IT... as a restaurant built for two, with a view that you can not possibly oversell or exaggerate in the retelling: You'll look upon the Napa winemaker's famous vines, with some picture-nice hills in the distance to lend a framing aspect. As for your two-top table? It's set near the window, so you can enjoy the charcuterie and cheese and caviar that come part and parcel with a reservation while plotting when you might do any question-popping (or bring up whatever wonderful news or story you want to share; let's spread the love beyond betrothals, as heart-lovely as they are). There's a "private chateau balcony" to enjoy as well, and, of course of course of course: a "tasting for two of Domaine Carneros sparkling wines and Pinot Noirs" (which the Sparkling Suite site says pairs very well with the meats and other bites on the table). And if you particularly loved a wine? That's your "memorable gift" of the day, meaning you get to leave with a bottle. 

THE COST? It's $500 for the two of you, and reserving is dependent on the weather, something to keep in mind. But what stops love? If a few storm clouds delay your visit to the winery's suite au deux, you can further plan how you'll make that proposal -- or anniversary celebration or other nice moment -- even more story-worthy.

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