The Ghosts of the Gaslamp

Dare you find out what's haunting The Davis-Horton House?

Davis-Horton House

A SAID-TO-BE HAUNTED PLACE... can show up just about anywhere. Yes, we're often told, by books and movies, that a turret-filled fright spot'll appear at the end of a lonely road, where rustling trees and hooting owls lend some heebie-jeebies. But locations famous for phantoms also have a way of showing up in pretty busy areas, too. Look to The Whaley House, which is in San Diego's Old Town, and the Davis-Horton House, which can be found in the city's Gaslamp District. Both abodes see an impressive amount of foot traffic, both of the tourist and local variety, and both inside and out. You'd think that any possible forever residents -- aka apparitions, ghoulies, and such -- would want to clear out and find that lonely road with the rustling trees.

BUT... we'd au contraire you right there. These two casas are oft-considered, by the people who do such considering, to be among the most haunted structures in all of the state, and outside of the state, too. It upends the rustic-road haunted house paradigm, for sure, and it also makes it a bit easier for people to get to them, as San Diego sees its fair share of travelers, and rustic-road-lonely-tree spots don't. (Maybe they need glossier brochures?) Should you be trotting south for Halloween, for a Gaslamp-style Oct. 31, make a date with the historic, lovely, and possibly be-phantom'd Davis-Horton. There's a Halloween night tour scheduled, and, nope, attendees won't be merely gazing at the furniture or architectural details of the built-in-1850 building.

IT'S A PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION... with the San Diego Ghost Hunters. The two-hour look-around will roam the fascinating spot from 10 o'clock right through to the witching hour itself. The house is very much a precious piece of San Diego history, so you'll tread lightly, but treading lightly may not stop a cold spot or two from being felt. Bonus: The Gaslamp District, just steps beyond the landmark's door, is one of the spots to see-and-be-costumed come Halloween. That's the more raucous part of the evening, while, inside the Davis-Horton, quiet thrills 'n chills with a dash of history await. Can't make Halloween? You can visit the house for a history-centered walking tour or join the monthly paranormal investigation.

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