The Kimpton Everly: Dapper New Hollywood Stay

Rise, shine, open the curtains, and gaze upon the famous Hollywood Hills at the stylish destination.

HOLLYWOOD, as an oft-portrayed concept, frequently comes with a pair of searchlights in tow, and a red carpet, and a line-up of sequined gowns and tony tuxedos, and the camera-wielding paparazzi, those photographers that gather along the red carpet's edge. But Tinseltown's many iconic attributes extend beyond its famous boulevard, and splashy premieres, to its hills and canyons, too. Those are also hallowed Hollywood hallmarks, and to know the Beachwood Canyon area, one of the city's most storied (and earliest) neighborhoods, and to be able to mediate upon those much-photographed Hollywood Hills, all while staying close to the flashbulb-lit hubbub, is a rarer treat. And a new treat has arrived in Tinseltown as of early August 2017, and its name is...

THE KIMPTON EVERLY: It's Kimpton's third hotel in the Hollywood neck o' the woods, and it boasts not only that close-to-Beachwood cachet but 360-degree views, giving guests a chance to not only commune with the hills but the structures and streets that make up the bustling district, too. The Capitol Records building? Vivacious Vine Avenue? Both very close at hand. But you may want to keep near the hotel, too, thanks to its airy, relax-a-little lobby — those ceilings are 28 feet high — as well as Jane Q and the Ever Bar, the nosh-in, sip-in choices at The Everly (think "modern California fare" for Jane Q and mondo windows for the stay-awhile Ever Bar). Yoga on the rooftop terrace, a 24-hour gym, a series of suites that boast hill-y, city-skyline-sweet views, and complimentary perks (think in-room yoga mats, a wine hour in the evening, and a warm welcome for pets) fill out The Everly's reasons-to-keep-close dance card. Call the...

216-ROOM HOTEL, which calls Argyle Avenue home, is both a part of the Hollywood swirl, and adjacent to it, too. Is that a contradiction of the most charming sort? Here's the upshot: The Everly remains slightly removed from the extreme excitement, but by just a few streets, giving guests a chance to dip into Tinseltown's nearby pleasures, the heart of the boulevard and its busy restaurants and happening scene, while also connecting with the vintage vibe of Beachwood Canyon, too. And those calming hills? They're as classic a Hollywood sight as any pair of red carpet searchlights. 

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