The Perfect Piquancy of Oxnard's Salsa Fest

It's a party that has two splendid sides: food and performance.

HEAT AND HEART: It can feel like we're sometimes on the search for the ultimate celebration, the sort of event that has just about everything we're looking for in a big day out. Of course, that will vary for each individual, but, for a lot of us, both great food and something fabulous to applaud are involved. However? We don't always find this particular duo in the same spot, at the same time, which can be a mite frustrating. Not frustrating? The fact that the Oxnard Salsa Festival returns each summer, delivering both deliciousness in salsa form and bedazzlement thanks to a host of talented salsa dancers. Call it a happening with both heat and heart, one that will return to...

PLAZA PARK... in downtown Oxnard on Saturday, July 27 and Sunday, July 28. One the fiery front? Look for the oh-so-super-popular Salsa Tasting Tent, where a host of eateries will be on hand to serve their best caliente condiments. On the to-show slate? Montezuma Restaurant of Oxnard, Orozco's de Ventura, Casa Hernandez Salsa, and several other purveyors of pure piquancy. There's also a Salsa Recipe Contest, too, if your dip always delights your guests. The deadline is July 19, and there's some info about what you'll need to arrive with, so do read all.

ON THE DANCING FRONT? A Community Dance Showcase, the opportunity to learn some salsa moves (or brush up on what you know), and a whole amazing line-up of artists playing bossa, rumba, cumbia, merengue, and other styles will keep the dancers the moving and onlookers enthralled. So, are you a salsa person, food-wise? And a salsa lover, music- and dance-wise? Great news: A festival that spotlights both will soon deliver heat and heart to Plaza Park in Oxnard.

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