The Purple Is Popping at Highland Springs Ranch

Lavender lovers, time to flap your wings in the direction of Cherry Valley.

IF OCTOBER IS ORANGE, and late November takes on sort of a mellow russet hue, and early spring is all about a shade of very light green, then could you call June as purple as purple can be? You could, if you're talking about June 'round certain parts of the Golden, er, Purple State. For in California, several of our favorite trees and blossoms and herbs go for full purple power when the sixth month shines, from the irises seen around Bridgeport in the Eastern Sierra to the jacaranda trees that grace so many Los Angeles thoroughfares. And in Ojai and Cherry Valley? Prepare to drive up lavender lanes, or at least pause by fields lush with the fragrant buds, for lavender's moment has arrived. Like every growing thing under the sun, lavender keeps to its own schedule, even as we humans plan parties and events around its much-anticipated bloom. But...

HIGHLAND SPRINGS RANCH & INN, in Cherry Valley, reported on the very middle day of the month that "(t)he majority of the lavender fields at 123 Farm are beginning to bloom," and that the farm staff expects "... most of the flowers to be in bloom next week." Hur and rah, we're buzzing like a bee over this development. The June 15 post is perfectly timed, too, because the Lavender Festival is continuing at the agra-destination through June 30. Even if you arrive on a day that doesn't have a full-on purple spread, there's a lot to do at the festival, including shopping at the marketplace (yep, there shall be lavender-lovely products like honeys and balsamic vinegars) and "guided tours in horse-drawn hay wagons." Is purple your power color? Do you wait all year for the nature-nice gifts of June? It's time, lavender devotees. It. Is. Time.

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