The Serenity Season to Glow at Ojai Valley Inn

A tree lighting, a menorah lighting, special eats and special spa treatments will shine at the elegant resort.

SET UP AN ALERT... for the words "stress" and "rushed" and "exhausted," and chances are good you'll find your alert inbox positively brimming in December. It's almost as if we're being told to feel more depleted and unable to complete all of the extra tasks we're called to do when the end of the year draws near. One solution to this rather predictable situation? Skip the alerts and make for a place that is devoted to a sense of calm, moments of deep relaxation, and pure unwinding in a bucolic, oak-awesome setting. One such place goes the distance each season in this regard, and by "distance" we mean it goes in the opposite direction of the stressy holiday stuff. It's...

OJAI VALLEY INN, a lovely luxury spot that has a sense of laid-back-a-tude throughout the year. But in December? "The Serenity Season" begins at the hill-set spot, meaning you can both find your inner peace and savor some of the classic pleasures of the holiday. The 2019 Serenity Season is nearly here, and finding your not-too-busy fun will be as easy as enjoying Breakfast with Santa. That is, in fact, one of the smile-bringing activities you can choose, but there are other festive happenings, like a nightly menorah lighting and one-time tree lighting. And, just a few days ahead of Christms Eve, look for a traditional Feast of the Seven Fishes at the seafood-tastic centerpiece at the resort's own Olivella. That's happening from Dec. 18-22.

OTHER DELIGHTS... include requesting a Christmas tree in your room (for sure, it will have been very recently cut), as well as the adorable Elf Delivery of Cookies & Milk. So many sweetnesses to be had, without the rush-rush, go-go, or stress-stress. Want to know more? Follow the twinkling of "Illume," a stunning lantern-laden tree on the property created by artist Paul Ferrante, and find out more. 

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