The Winchester Mystery House Has a Trick-or-Treat Trail

The tot-cute happening will pop up outside one of the world's eeriest abodes.

THAT ONE HOUSE ON THE BLOCK? The one that looks like it came straight from a scary movie? The house that all the kids talk about in the weeks leading up to Halloween? It's become one of the hallmarks of the holiday, an abode that has a few legends attached to its history, or an elegant but eerie design, or possesses a whimsical air, one that gets the neighborhood tots talking. Not every child lives in a neighborhood with such a notable, and notably spooky, house, but there is a colossal California casa that out-eeries every other eerie house on every block in existence. It's the...

WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE, in San Jose, a place known for its rambling hallways, staircases that lead into walls, and other structural oddities. Owner Sarah Winchester created this curious building, as a way to appease any active apparitions, but today? Humans also haunt the place, in addition to any lingering phantoms. But while tours are plentiful at the world-famous house, jumping into an annual tradition, like collecting candy in a bag in October, is rather rarer. But that's all changing over the weekend just ahead of Halloween 2019, when a...

TRICK-OR-TREAT TRAIL... will spring up around the expansive grounds. That's right, your kid can gather goodies in a sack while strolling in the shadow of the Winchester Mystery House on either Saturday, Oct. 26 or Sunday, Oct. 27. It's an event that's "(f)ree to all ages," so swing by the San Jose landmark and soak up the splendor of the gardens and a little bit of the ghouly-fun vibe. Is the Winchester Mystery House the ultimate "that one house on the block"? The one that all the kids talk about and know? Absolutely. Find out more, now, about this pre-Halloween happening.

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