Themed Slope Weekends at Squaw-Alpine

Schuss while rocking a stylish look, at the Lake Tahoe destination.

IF YOU'RE SKIING IN JANUARY, just after an intense cold front has wailed on through the area, bringing with it several inches of flakery as well as a particular briskness that is out-brisking the briskness that existed just a day or so before, you're not going to be thinking about costuming up before hitting the hills. You're going to have on your coziest thermals, and moisture-deterring super-gloves, and a few waffle-knit layers to keep out the aforementioned brisk-a-tude. But April, and May, are not January, you might have heard. And while the first month of the year typically brings a certain sartorial look to the slopes, one that's focused on warmth, so does skiing in the springtime. It's a different vibe altogether, and many skiers eschew longer sleeves on those balmier May days. So how to have the most fashionable fun with this fact, now that the temps will soon be creeping up, up, up even as the slopes remain open in many spots? Visit...

"THE SPRING SKIING CAPITAL," Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows, for a chance to schuss during one of the destination's photo-ready themed weekends. They're on now, and there are more to go, with "Neon" rounding out the end of April, "Denim" landing the weekend of May 19-21, and "Super Heroes" flying in just ahead of the start of summertime. Live tunes and a convivial atmosphere shall reign each weekend, as will the opportunities to pose in your lively look, poles and all, for a snapshot or two or 20. Springtime slope high jinks are different from the ski scene at the heart of brrr-ful winter, and we're seeing that now, near Lake Tahoe, as the shorter sleeves and wackier wear make a slope-centered showing. 

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