This Film Festival Is Pure Gold (Country)

The Nevada City Film Festival is one of the most golden of the Golden State cinema bashes.

MOST GOLDEN OBJECTS... or items or artifacts or events? For the most part, you can be assured that they arrive in one flavor of gold. It's a flavor that indicates that the item in question is pretty darn primo, and worth your time, energy, and money. But what of something special that has a trio of golden aspects, aspects that all glitter at the same time? Well, surely you'd be talking about the Nevada City Film Festival. For it is in the Golden State (yep, Nevada City is a classic California hamlet), and it is in the northern neck of Gold Country (one of the Sierra's more active stretches, back in the 1800s),  and it happens to be a plum of a party, one that takes its film fandom and all-out fun-having in equal and robust measure. And also golden? It will celebrate 20 years in 2020, making it a true starry stalwart of our state's film festival calendar.

AUG. 23-30, 2019... are the upcoming dates, and if you're thinking to yourself "what a perfect time to be there," you'd be correct. It isn't fall, but nights are cooling off, making for an ideal cinema-enjoying scene. What can you look forward to, as you throw a sweater in your bag and head to a venue on Broad Street or within the historic town? Adventure Shorts are sure to be popular, given their nature-strong focus (much like Nevada City's own nature-strong focus, yes), and the Late Night Popcorn program boasts some conversation-starting shorts. There's also a quartet of flicks that feature the role of dreams, and having a dream, in our lives. Beyond the screens? Oh, the gatherings are so gold-y gold: A Sunday Afternoon BBQ will encourage hobnobbery among visiting film fans, and there's an after-party, with the filmmakers for "Ai Weiwei: Truly Yours." As for opening and closing night shindigs? Oh yes, they're on.

FIND YOUR TICKET, or tickets, and your dates to this golden goings-on, one that has that funky film spirit and oodles of atmosphere to boot. Isn't it a pleasure to exit a theater, with a plot or characters on your mind, and step into a burg that brims with on-screen snazz? Nope, Nevada City isn't a film set, though it can look like one. It's real, and it's really, really golden, as gold as its annual August cinefest.

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