Thomas the Tank Engine to Toot-Toot to Felton

The good-natured rail-rider will visit Roaring Camp Railroads.

ALL TRAINS HAVE CHARACTER, and if that character hails from the fact that a presidential candidate once rode in one of the train's cars during a whistle stop campaign tour, or that a famous author started penning a great novel while aboard, or that the train is the fastest around, a tale can be told. But what if the train itself was a character? And not just any character, but a beloved friend to children and grown-ups alike, a gentle yet adventurous soul who has a lot of lessons to share about friendship, bravery, true-heartedness, and life? You'd probably guess we might be talking about Thomas the Tank Engine, and, if so, your guess would be as accurate as a train toot is loud. But if you're firmly in this upbeat engine's corner, through all of his storybook stories and TV travels, where can you and the family go to meet him, beyond the page and screen?

ROARING CAMP RAILROADS... is the easy answer, if you happen to be near Felton over several summer and fall of '18 dates. Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt, the railway controller, will arrive at the Santa Cruz-close rails on Friday, July 27, and fans'll be able to join the fun over a few late-July and into-August dates (as well as a few October weekends, too). Might Percy join? He might, as "(s)elect events will also feature Thomas' best friend." Will you be able to ride with Thomas? That's at the heart of this heartwarming happening. If you can't make the Felton dates, take further heart, Golden Staters: Thomas will toot-toot for Perris, and the Southern California Railway Museum, over the first two weekends of November 2018. Tickets and need-to-knows? Toot and toot.

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