Time to Reserve Your Free Redwoods Pass

Have your eye on visiting one of our state's many redwood-pretty parks? There's a day of note just ahead.

A REDWOOD, AS A RULE, takes a very long time to grow. That is part of its eternal, unmistakable, can't-be-denied charm, and no tree devotee worth their salt would ever ask the tall trees to hurry it up in the whole getting-taller department. The beautiful process of epic time-keeping in the forest can make a lover of the redwoods feel a bit more relaxed about life matters, but there is one occurrence that comes up rather fast, far faster than a redwood seemingly grows (though, of course, growth is always happening). It's the Free Second Saturdays program we're talking about here, from California State Parks and Save the Redwoods League, the already popular program that just kicked off in January 2018. 

THE DEAL? It's all about inviting people into their favorite redwoods-laden state park, for free, on the second Saturday of the month. The big, big, huge asterisk here? The pass to do so must be reserved in advance. Which means you can't simply show up at your favorite redwoods state park on any second Saturday, be it Calaveras Big Trees State Park or Big Basin Redwoods State Park, and park for free, if you haven't already planned for it ahead of time. You'll need to book your pass, and the important date to do so for the Saturday, April 14 is just ahead. That's on...

SATURDAY, MARCH 31, and passes may be downloaded starting at 8 in the morning. See? It comes up quickly, far more quickly than the slower pace of being among the redwoods. But if you're on it, and you are able to download a pass before they're all gone for the next free Saturday, you'll be able to visit your go-to tree-major spot without paying anything. Sweet stuff, for sure, and even sweeter that this whole awesome effort to put people in front of trees is celebrating "... Save the Redwoods League's 100-year-old conservation program." You'll want to know more, the must-knows and gotta-plans, before signing on to nab that coveted, oh-so-cool pass to the April 14 free day.

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