Top of the Mark: Summer Movies

The swanky, sky-high spot'll love upon chic films of the late 1960s. A bonus? Delicious wine pours.

Top of the Mark/Film Reel

THE THING ABOUT CINEMATIC SPACES, those picturesque locations with giant windows leading to sweeping views, is the "cinematic" part doesn't stretch beyond the spot's spectacularness. The place may look as though it sprang straight from a movie screen, but there's nothing classically movie-like about it. The beautiful locale doesn't have a marquee, nor does it sell popcorn, nor does it highlight coming attractions. Sometimes, though, if you wish on the moonlight, or have some luck on your side, a cinematic location will go the movie-showing route, at least for a few weeks. That's what Top of the Mark, the cool-as-ice cocktail lounge perched at the tippy-top of the InterContinental Mark Hopkins, does each summer, with its Summer Movie Nights. The Summer Movie Nights for 2017 will look back, with an even gaze and a sophisticated glance, upon...

THE FILMS OF THE LATE 1960s: We're talking "Bullitt," we're talking "Cool Hand Luke," and "Easy Rider" and "Funny Girl" are in the classic-laden line-up, too. The '60s vibe is also a nod to 1967, and the Summer of Love, which is marking its big (big BIG) 50th anniversary. But it isn't just about what's on screen at the Top of the Mark movie series, but what you're sipping. Each month will feature a special wine tasting, with Lyric by Etude Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Santa Barbara serving as June's star libation. The tasting happens ahead of the first credits, so be there from 5:30 to 7, and the movie gets rolling then, at 7 o'clock. When to be there? Tuesday nights from June 6 through Aug. 29, with a night off on July 4. How high will you be? Nineteen floors, oh yeah. How much of San Francisco will you admire out of the windows? More San Francisco than you can possibly drink in, or fill your eyes with, or, more importantly, your heart. We're not even apologizing for being a bit maudlin there, for when you mix movies, a cinematic setting, and memories of the Summer of Love, a stylish sense of maudlin-tude is the order of the day.

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